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Dirty talk and Hentai

So the time has come for me to get a bit dirty and talk about something taboo here in the U.S. which is of course, pornography. Specifically porn of the anime type or more commercially known as Hentai. Talking with my wife about this, yes we talk about everything, she said the term hentai is used for describing more, hardcore porn. I thought all porn was hardcore? Interestingly enough tracing back to the origins of hentai I found that one of the first movies was produced in Japan in 1969 called A Thousand and One Nights. It was poorly accepted at the time but set the scene for later films to come. Though there are many hentai films, one that comes to mind in particular is a series called Cool Devices. Not that I’ve watched a lot of porn or anything. Cool Devices is an anime series of 11 episodes of unrelated topics mostly centered around fetish and BDSM types of situations and imagery. Good explanation, right?

But back to my point of porn being taboo here in the U.S. compared to Japan, and elsewhere for that matter. I can’t say I fully understand why that is other than the powers that be have instilled the values of sexuality on the people, rather than the other way around. From my perspective anyway, we here are a more conservative Christian based society that has learned that it’s bad to be sexual in nature or to have thoughts about it. Hence pornography is looked upon as something that is “dirty” and not “normal”. As we have seen in the recent Supreme Court ruling, gay marriage is now legal in the United States. There are still many who oppose the decision and idea the of it based on outdated values. Though everyone is welcome to have their own opinion on any topic, that’s what makes being alive wonderful. Another and more powerful reason why sexuality is looked down upon in the U.S. is that sex sells. The more “taboo” you make something the more people want it. The more you shun sex and sexuality the more money you can make from it. I mean just look at the recent buzz about Miley Cyrus and the “shock value” on her actions being sexual in nature. Don’t think for a moment that was something she thought of doing herself. Once people start to really, really see things for what they are, their mind begins to open to other possibilities. It’s pretty amazing, give it a try.

Cool Devices anime

When I found Cool Devices years ago, I landed on a particular episode in the series called Operation 11: Fallen Angel Rina. By the way that’s an NSFW link but you might have already clicked on it 🙂 At the time the I had downloaded the file and just started watching in curiosity more than anything without knowing what it was. That’s how it all starts. The story starts out with the character Rina who is a pop idol star in Japan. While on tour a company called Angel Productions finds interest in her as they would like to represent her and her endeavors. At this time she learns that her father has fallen ill and is unable to repay his debt to Angel Productions which she had no idea he was involved. Backed into a corner she signs on with the company not knowing what else to do. She also learns the hard way at this time the company, Angel, is mob related as well involved in selling flesh. They start to use her for her image and popularity not only to pay off her fathers debt, but to also fulfill their own gruesome fantasies by having her being publicly humiliated sexually. They eventually sell her as their creation and she returns to her career as a singer. At this point she is broken as she learns her father had died while she was being manipulated by Angel and now has no choice but to be someone else’s slave as she was sold to them. The end scene tells the whole story in a nutshell how lies and manipulation can break someone past the point of no return. You’ll have to watch for yourself.

In all, the particular story about Rina is interesting. Beyond the sexual nature of the episode one can see the ways in which people manipulate others into doing and thinking at their will. My take is that Angel Productions made Rina’s father ill and made the whole story up about him being in debt to them just to get to her. She never asked and they never told the whole story to her, she just took their word as gospel. I haven’t yet watched the other episodes in the series but now that I revisted Rina’s story, I just might have to. And of course if you are interested in the series you can buy the Cool Devices Complete DVD Collection for yourself.


  1. Totally agree – my boyfriend and I talk about this as well. He’s from Denmark, where like most Europeans, it’s not frowned about to talk about Porn and they do so at an early enough age for kids to not get that ‘staple’ of it being bad.
    Ah religion and politics, the founders of our STUPID American society and ass backward (no pun intended – lol) views.
    I personally think we need to legalize it here, also so we can stop dealing with the underage trafficking of kids…

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