The Fat Cat


My big tabby cat

We have a cat. She’s a beautiful Tabby cat that we found and rescued from a local shelter. I am all about saving the planet all the time so why not start out small and save some cats? We live in the hills among the trees and there are cats all over the place. I don’t think I’ve seen a neighborhood with so many cats running around honestly. I’m surprised there are still other animals left that all that cats didn’t get around to killing yet. Oh now I remember there is an island in Japan that has nothing but cats. The place is called Tashirojima. Anyway I think when she was born, and into her young kitten weeks she must have had a problem finding food. Not exactly sure how she came into this world but it must have been hard. I can only imagine she must have had her mom run off or just something awful terrible happened. There’s never much of a back story when you recuse an animal. Ever since we got her she’s been a hungry kitty. I have an early video of her which I’ll dig up from YouTube. She’s now 4 and there is no sign of her stopping getting bigger. She begs for food all the time and sleeps the rest of the time. What a life right? Right now she’s around 14 pounds. I can hear her now in the background begging my wife for some late night snacks or something. Every night she comes to me when I am getting ready for bed for her last meal of the day. If it’s not enough, she’ll surely tell you about it. Oh what a life it must be to be a cat and get fat. I wish I was nothing but the fat cat. Come here kitty kitty I have some treats for ya.